17 Pure And Wholesome Tumblr Posts That'll Cheer You Right Up


The world can be so nice sometimes.


  1. Posted by esti4000, — Reply

    My dad noticed when I started dancing a little to a song I liked. He told me later and it felt strange realizing I was finally getting better

  2. Posted by star_gays, — Reply

    I realized I was getting better when I laughed at a joke in art class (near the end of the class) and someone told me it was the first time they had ever heard me laugh.

  3. Posted by Pinkcherries5, — Reply

    This is amazing 😉 I wish all of my friends and even strangers that idk that their depression eases. I don't have depression myself but I've gone through some REALLY round patches and I could only imagine feeling so down all the time

  4. Posted by sushi_Roll_01, — Reply

    I feel that every kid whose recovered from depression has that moment. For me it was when a really good friend of mine was over and we were laughing really hard and I overheard my dad say to my mom” it’s good to hear her laugh again”

  5. Posted by perfectcircle11, — Reply

    Exercise has helped my depression more than anything. I started walking recently, and realized I was smiling on the way to the trail. Journaling helps too. I know it's hard to manage depression and I wish you all the best!

  6. Posted by timdhshaff, — Reply

    I love hearing stories like this and hope it will happen with me but my mom doesnt even talk to and neither does my dad so they wouldn't really notice if I was getting better anyways.

  7. Posted by TotalWerido, — Reply

    I realized I was getting better when I stopped covering mirrors and opening the medication cabinet doors so the mirrors were covered, I could finally look at myself without breaking down

  8. Posted by deliaveth, — Reply

    I don't know if I'm getting better yet. And hell I probably just got set back with my s/o moving across country. But recently, I joined my highschool's marching band. Specifically, the colorgaurd team. My parents have mentioned to me about how, when talking about it, I smile the brightest I have in a while around them.

  9. Posted by robertaconway, — Reply

    As a parent who has depression and whose child has depression, I can tell you this is more true than anyone could possibly believe.

  10. Posted by Bleubelle678, — Reply

    After years and years of battling it on my own, I finally started taking St. John’s Wort. I realized I was getting better a week later when I was making the bed with my husband and it was like a light switch turned back on inside me. I stood up and told him, “I’m never not taking this again.”

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