Bat or Halloween Bat Cookie Cutter or Fondant Cutter and Clay Cutter


Bat, bats everywhere! This cutter measures 3.5" or 4.5" wide. Decorated cookie set from Laura at The Cookie Lady! Single bat is from Andy Kay's Cookies! OUR CUTTERS: We print our cutters on a 3D printer, using a high quality food safe PLA. The cutters we make are to be washed by hand only in warm soapy water and are not dishwasher safe. Putting the cutters in a dishwasher could melt, warp or otherwise damage the PLA. We use a deep purple PLA for our cutters, and they also come with a stepped edge to make a clean crisp cut in your dough. Cutters are printed as they are ordered. We do not keep a stock of printed cutters on hand. SHIPPING: We ship USPS First Class mail as well as international.